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New ‘Recommended Items’ in Each Recipe!

I decided to add a new section to all future recipes and that’s the recommended items. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a Crate and Barrel and think, “Man, I want all these things, but do I really need an immersion blending? Can’t I just whisk it by hand? Why would I need a thermometer for my oven? I’ve already pre-set it. Someone told me once to use an ice cream scoop for my cookies but I think I can just eyeball it with a spoon…” While all these things are true (well minus the thermometer, you really can’t trust your oven, but I’ll get into that later) all these things were made for a reason, and it’s to make your life in the kitchen easier and more accurate.

Nomday Ratings

The other day I showed my mom this blog, trying to impress her with my ability to make Korean dishes from scratch.

Mom: What is Nom?

Me: Oh, it’s the sound you make when you eat something delicious, you know, like *nom nom nom*

My mom’s in Korea right now and she’s been sending me photos everyday of the sites she’s seeing and the food she’s eating.

Mom: Ooooh okay, from now on I’ll rate the food by nom rate, 3 nom the best

Makes sense to me. From here on out I’ll be rating out dining experiences in the appropriate amount of noms. Thanks mom!